Strong Commission Structure

Study Enroller offers partners 75% comission on whatever commissions we get from enrolments. As we already send a high volume of students to various providers – our commission rates are generallty high than most other agencies.

Plus – high volume agents may be considered for our Pre-deduction program where you can eep your commission at time of payment rather than waiting for course commencement

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Onshore Support
for Your Students

As an optional service, Study Enroller can provide welcome and ongoing support services for your students whilst in Australia.

This is completely optional, as some agents may not wish to have Study Enroller Engage with their clients. However many agents choose to take advantage of our onshore support including:

Welcome and Orientation
Tax File Number and ABN set up
Mobile Sim card set up
Job support sesssions
Professional development workshops
Education provider mediation
Social and community events
Academic and lifestyle support/advice
And more

Onshore Course Extensions

Don’t loose your students onshore!
Many overseas agents spend time and money securing a student, only to have them change cours, or re-enroll with an onshore agent who have a physical presence – meaning the original agent looses the relationship (and commission) with their client.

As an optional service, you can engage Study Enroller to porvide onshore course advisory and counselling services to your clients if you feel they need onshore support. Our expert team can help them choose their next study path in Australia, and assist with paperwork, visa application etc.

Agents who elect for their students to take advantage of our onshore support services, will recieve 40% commissions on any of their students who re-enrol through us. This is a wonderful benefit, meaning you can send your students to Australia and recieve a passive income for their future studies.

Course Guidance
for your Team

Australia has a complex education landscape with more than 1200 providers who can host international students. Staying up to date is one of the biggest challenges for Eductaion Agents.

Study Enroller agents are trained to stay up to date key providers, their courses and terms and conditions so you don’t have to.

Ask our team anything, we can help you sell higher education, vocational or English courses all over the country.

If you like, we can also speak directly with your counsellor and their student for real time guidence and advice to help you convert your sales quickly, and into the most suitbale course for your students needs.


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