About us

Study Enroller is the B2B service from Go Study Australia, and Australian based agency who has operated since 2007. We are a global team of nearly 100 education experts commited to supporting quality educational outcomes for students and business partners.

Our 6 offices in Australia are dedicated support centres for your students should you wish to make use of them.

We speak Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, French. Cantonese


Beto Bihari

Latam Partnerships Manager

Beto has 18 years of experience supporting education agents to recruit students to study abroad! His role is to help all LATAM agents engage their students and place them into the right courses

Marta Vegas

Aussie Partnerships Manager

Marta has 7 years experience advisiong students in Australia regarding their educaiuon journey. She has strong relationships with our providers in Australia and intimate knowledge of the subtle differences between each college.

Simon Costain

General Manager

Simon has been supporting international education since 2004. He has worked inside higher ed, vocational and elicos colleges in Australia, as well as directing one of Australia’s most successful education agencies. He is passionate about student welfare and empowing agents to recruit effectively.

Bruna Green

Admin Manager

Bruna manages a global team to ensure our agent partners get their cases resolved quickly, and applications processed efficiently. She has 15 years experience in support the admin needs of agencies and education providers.

Jacopo Corona

Managing Director (products)

Jacopo maintains constant contact with provider partners to ensure we get the best commissons and best service from those we send students too. He will be providing our agent partners with critical product training so you can present the key features of all our course providers


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